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Graphic Design Tools and Software Reviews 2024

Dive into a world where digital prowess meets artistic finesse, exploring the realms of Adobe’s powerful design suites, the collaborative essence of Figma, the versatility of Procreate, and the precision of InDesign.

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User Experience (UX) Design Principles 2024

Understanding User Personas User personas are fictional characters created to represent different user types that might use a website, product, or service. They play a crucial role in guiding UX design decisions by providing a clear understanding of users’ needs, behaviors,…

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Best Practices, Techniques, And Resources (Part 1) — Pxprodigy

In this two-part series of articles, Hannah Milan covers the best practices when using various accessible text over images techniques for designing your web and mobile app content. These practices can help you to make the text over images more accessible…

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Monitoring vs. Measuring

What does your performance “stack” look like? There are all kinds of tools available for measuring page speed, but what data and assumptions do they use to measure performance? And speaking of measuring performance, there’s quite a difference between that and…

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Best Practices, Techniques And Resources (Part 2)

[ad_1] In part 2 of the series, Hannah Milan reviews various accessible text over images techniques for designing your content, including framing the image, soft-colored gradients technique, text styles and text position, solid color shapes, and use of colored backgrounds. What…

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An Automated Tool For Finding Unused Files, Exports, And Dependencies

[ad_1] Most of the projects have at least a few unused files, exports, and dependencies lying around, often because it’s difficult knowing when one thing relies on another and scary removing something you’re not sure is in use. Lars Kappert shares…

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Modern Methods For Improving Drupal’s Largest Contentful Paint Core Web Vital — Pxprodigy

[ad_1] When installing Drupal, you can choose a “demo” profile that showcases various functionalities. It’s a fun and safe way to try out various features. If you do that and test your site’s performance, you’re likely to find that the background…

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From Basics to Brilliance: Mastering CSS Styling for Stunning Web Designs 2023

Discover CSS variables – a game changer for styling. Create efficient, reusable designs with custom properties. Enhance consistency, adaptability, and maintenance.

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